The authenticity of a badge

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The authenticity of a badge

Beitrag von krrish389 » 18.12.2018, 05:01

Hello everyone,
Having discovered a badge on a well-known sales platform, our authenticity is not entirely convincing, so here the question of whether it really could be a badge of Brittany:
Inside the shield there is a black cross along the hermelinbesetzem field, next to the two keep the lion-like shield. with a triskele about it (sorry, we know each other by symbols rather than with blazon!)
If someone can tell us here, why can not we upload a 96 Kb JPG file, we can give an image.

Thank you very much

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Re: The authenticity of a badge

Beitrag von Tejas552 » 18.12.2018, 10:42

You have to use an image-host to upload a picture to this forum. The image-host converts the picture to a link, which you can use in your message.