International Heraldry Day - Wageningen, NL - 20. Juni

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Padberg Evenboer
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International Heraldry Day - Wageningen, NL - 20. Juni

Beitrag von Padberg Evenboer » 22.04.2014, 12:27

Would anybody be interested in a International Heraldry Day event (symposium/congress) on June 10th in the Netherlands? It can be in a free location, so the costs would be zero to attend. Coffee lunch etc. can be bought in the local canteen. On own costs.

We just need a list of speakers and people willing to pay their own travel costs to Wageningen (NL). Proceedings will not be published, only as pdf on line.

We can make this an annual event. But I'd like to give it a try this year. Anybody willing to come ? Please also spread outside this forum ! We can accommodate between 20 and 700 people, so that is not an issue.

Ralf Hartemink